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The publisher always takes the protection of your personal data very seriously because your data will be protected under the law.

  • Security of Personal Data

We use some of Technologies and plugins to provide you the better service through the website. When you visit the website we collect your operating system, IP and your activity on this website.

Our technologies may detect your identity or get your social profile link. By authorized yourself, we access your phone book.

We always love to secure your personal data and information against unauthorized access which collect through the website. We take reasonable steps to encrypt your privacy.

However, no security or encryption method can be guaranteed to protect information from hackers or human error.

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We also use cookies for providing better services to you through the website. If you have prevented the use of cookies in your browser settings, we request you to don’t visit our website.

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We use Google Analytics as a website Analytic Tools which is provided by Google. Normally Google Analytic use ”cookies” which is saved in your web browser.

  • Terms and Conditions

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